Demonstration Reach Restoration Project Phases I and II


The Tribe's restoration of the Jocko River began with Phase I of the Demonstration Reach project in fall of 2004. The Demonstration Reach project continued with Phase II in fall of 2008. The Demonstration Reach was identified as an early priority for restoration because it was a significant sediment source located near the upstream end of the 22 mile restoration reach identified in the Jocko River Master Plan. This reach was also identified as a restoration priority because stream temperatures are generally suitable year round for all life stages of bull trout. The two phases of restoration address approximately two miles of the Jocko River channel and floodplain.

The Demonstration Reach of the Jocko River was channelized and diked approximately sixty years ago. These changes resulted in an incised channel that was disconnected from the floodplain. The first photo to the right shows the Jocko River through the downstream extent of Phase II of the Demonstration Reach before the completion of construction activities. The channel pattern is relatively straight and steep banks along the channel prevent regular access of flood flows to the floodplain as seen in the second photo to the right.